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What's your shopping style? Free quiz - Base Supply

Take the quiz and discover your shopping style

Take a look at the checkout lines of any supermarket and you’ll notice all kinds of shoppers. For every one person carefully rechecking their list as their mountain of stuff gets scanned through, there’s someone else piling a random assortment of staples alongside the latest Special Buys in a haphazard fashion on the conveyor belt. … Continue reading “Take the quiz and discover your shopping style”


Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dapper Dads

His jokes may be cringe-worthy, but we know you love him. After all, your dad is a one-of-a-kind type of bloke. So, be sure to celebrate him right this Father’s Day. While shopping for your dad is never easy, there’s no need to stress. Because this year, you have a cheat sheet. Here, we’ve rounded … Continue reading “Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dapper Dads”

What is neoprene? A look at base supply's favourite material

Why We Love Neoprene for Base Bags

Neoprene. You’ve heard of it (and if you own a base bag, you carry it around with you daily). But do you really know what makes neoprene such a fantastic material? In this post we’re giving a behind-the-scenes look at the fabric that makes up our neoprene bags. What is Neoprene? Neoprene is a type … Continue reading “Why We Love Neoprene for Base Bags”