Everything has its base. For us, it’s our homes. For cars, it’s the garage. For indoor plants, it’s their pots. See. It all has a base.

But what about those everyday essentials you need for life on the go? You know. Your phone, keys, laptop, a change of clothes for the gym. What is their base?

Well, that’s the question Belinda Alexander sought to answer with the creation of base supply.

After finding herself constantly packing (and repacking) for days out and weekends away, Belinda decided she needed to create a base for her basics. So, along with her amazing team, she developed the first collection of base bags.

Simple, practical and made to fill.

Made from perforated jersey backed with soft neoprene, they were simple, practical and perfect to grab, fill and go. Stylish yet understated and able to withstand daily use. Each suited a different need and made the perfect home away from home for your stuff.

Today, base has taken the concept further with the shopper collection.

Reusable, sturdy and stylish

The shopper range is all that and more. It’s the ideal base for food and other goods that you need to get from A to B.

Like the neoprene range, each shopper bag is made for a purpose. Together, the two collections have your on-the-go life covered.

We're Local

Designed in Melbourne, Victoria. Australia


Shipping to Australia and New Zealand.


Email our support team with any questions enquiries@basesupply.co